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“How to Start a Self-Help Support Group” Workshop in Metuchen March 29, 2017

Have you or the agency that you work for ever considered starting a self-help support group? Many social service agencies, churches, hospitals, community organizations and individuals have seen the need for free support groups to help serve their clients, patients, friends and colleagues. Starting a group can be fun yet challenging. The Clearinghouse is holding a free workshop at the Metuchen Library on March 29, 2017 from 6-8:30pm. If you are interested in this free workshop that covers the nuts and bolts of starting and maintaining any type of support group, contact Barbara at the Clearinghouse at 1-800-367-6274 or 973-571-4100 ext. 159 or send an email to:

Free Group Facilitation Workshop March 18 in Old Bridge

Facilitating a support group can be extremely rewarding, yet challenging at times. The New Jersey Self-Help Group Clearinghouse is presenting a free workshop on Saturday, from 10am-3pm at the Robert Wood Johnson Fitness & Wellness Center in Old Bridge. This workshop is designed for persons who are currently, or will be, facilitating any type of self-help support group. This interactive workshop uses a variety of learning techniques including open discussions, self-evaluation quizzes, role playing, strategy sharing, and small group exercises to create a fun and informative workshop. It is an opportunity for group leaders to meet with others to exchange ideas, solutions and techniques to make the role of facilitator easier and more rewarding.

For more information or to register, call Barbara White, New Jersey Self-Help Group Clearinghouse at 1-800-367-6274 or 973-571-4100 ext. 159. Or send an email to:  The Clearinghouse will be offering this workshop in other locations throughout the state in the near future.


NJ Self-Help Group Clearinghouse To Offer Free Workshops

The NJ Self-Help Group Clearinghouse will periodically be offering free workshops on starting and running self-help support groups statewide. The workshops on “How to Start an Effective Self-Help Group” will be open to agency staff, clergy, or any community member interested in learning how to start any type of self-help group. The workshop “How to Facilitate Your Self-Help Group” will be open to those who are, or will be, facilitating any type of self-help group.

Visit our website in January 2017 for the upcoming  workshop schedule.

Presentations on Support Groups

Does your agency, house of worship, service organization, business or group come in contact with persons struggling with emotional or physical challenges and who might benefit from attending a free, self-help support group? Have you heard about support groups but aren’t quite sure what they are or how they work?  Has your agency ever thought about adding support groups to your list of referrals or program elements but would like additional information?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, consider having a NJ Self-Help Group Clearinghouse staff member  come to your location to give a presentation on the availability and benefits of self-help support groups. For information, contact the Clearinghouse.